Whether you prefer wide sandy beaches or intimate small bays, you are guaranteed to find it in Cape Town!

Camps Bay
– 4 km away from Bantry Bay
Camps Bay is considered to be the most popular beach in Cape Town. Here you find the wide beach with fields for beach volleyball right behind a great many of large palm trees. In one of the various first-class restaurants and stylish pavement cafes alongside the beachfront promenade you can indulge in a sundowner before enjoying an exquisite dinner with spectacular views onto the ocean.

Clifton I, II, III, IV
– 3 km away from Bantry Bay
Those are the most trendy beaches in Cape Town. “See and to bee seen” is the overall motto. The small, picturesque bays are numbered I-IV. They are accessible by steep staircases and protected from the wind by the surrounding luxury residential villas. 

– 13 km away from Bantry Bay
Although a 15 to 20 minute drive away, this exclusive village of Llandudno with its wide beautiful beach is worth it. Here, everyone can find a quiet spot for sunbathing, and surfers are attracted by high waves. As there are no restaurants or shops to be found in Llandudno, having a picnic on this beach is just ideal. The beautiful surrounding mountains are lined with impressive luxury properties providing breathtaking views onto the ocean.

Hout Bay
– 18 km away from Bantry Bay
Hout Bay’s beach is nestled in sand dunes and popular for the young and the young at heart. Parents play with their children, dogs range theirselfes out in the breakers and runners jog along the sea. After a beach walk, everyone meets in the famous, most relaxing beach restaurant “The Dunes”.

– 29 km away from Bantry Bay
Noordhoek beach with its pure white sand can already be spotted while still driving along Chapman’s Peak Drive. The 8 km stretch is predestined for long walks or horse rides which are offered by local studs.